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Little Yogis

Nell Lindsell (Founder of YogaBugs) explains that regular practice of yoga can reap these rewards for our children:
• Breathing exercises improve concentration and energy levels.
• Relaxation techniques clear the mind, allowing for better memory retention.
• Postures help recharge a weak immune system and strengthen the core, stabilizing muscles in the abdomen and back.
• Posture work also helps tone the body and reduce obesity, maintaining a child’s natural flexibility which can start to shut down from an early age.
• Yoga classes help develop creativity and self expression, and improve self-confidence through vocalization techniques and postures designed to release day-to-day anxieties.
• The practice of yoga improves co-ordination and balance, promotes healthy sleep patterns and allows children to explore their intuitive and spiritual side.

Plan-your-own child-parent lesson

For a private class for 5 - 6 children with a parent each, please contact Fiona.
You are welcome to arrange a few friends together with their children, and I can run an hours yoga lesson for you.

Regular Classes

No regular classes running at present

Private Lessons

€ 30/ 30 minutes

Saturday-Special for children and parents

Yoga-Zirkus-Abenteuer für Kinder (& Eltern)
First date: Saturday 30th March
Marion & I will share our 4 Apple tree adventures throughout the year.
Plan these special dates in to follow the four stories!
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