Yoga for Adults

Yoga for Adults

A balanced Yin-vinyasa practice for all levels -
Asanas purify, strengthen and give flexibility to maintain and support a healthy body, and meditation quietens the mind.
Yogabee Retreat Domburg

Yogabee Retreat


20 - 25th September 2019

Taking time out from our daily routine and daily life is not a luxury, it is a necessity. It is vital to create space for inner reflection and rebalancing, re-entering family and work life feeling inspired and energized.
Work-Life Balance

Specials & Urban Retreats

Extra classes offered on specific Friday and Sunday evenings, as well as a few Saturday afternoons.
Open to all who are curious, including those who don’t practice regularly with me.

Various themes will be covered in these lessons, with a focus on freedom in the shoulders, back stability/flexibility and hip mobility. As well as long, deep yin poses, bound with the breath. In the 2-hour sessions we will also dive into pranayama, and a mindfulness meditation practice to close.
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Men's Yoga Special

Finding Balance - 6 week basic yoga immersion for men
Learn, through the yoga practice, to find balance first within yourself.
When the body is at ease and balanced, the mind gets quiet, and our relationships can be nourished.
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Prenatal Yoga

A simple yoga practice for any stage of your pregnancy.
The focus lies on: a co-ordination of breath & movement, maintaining strength through standing poses, stability in the back, & more ease in body and mind. Learning to trust the intuitive body-mind-heart connection.
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Postnatal Yoga

A practice designed to ease back into strength and stability of body and mind, through relaxation and co-ordinated yoga poses, with a focus on pelvic floor stability and core strength.
Let your baby get used to you practicing.
Yoga for children

Little Yogis

Play yoga for children

Yoga is a powerful, simple, fun tool to help children manage better in their daily lives, and feel well in their bodies and minds.
Using games, stories and interactive activities, the children learn concentration skills, effective breathing techniques to calm and balance, and appropriate yoga forms for their age.
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Relaxation Eyebags

Beautifully handmade "Nurscheli" lavender-filled relaxation eyebags, for soothing the eyes, quietening the busy mind, & relaxing the body
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