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Yoga for Adults

Yoga for Adults

A balanced Yin-vinyasa practice for all levels -
Asanas purify, strengthen and give flexibility to maintain and support a healthy body, and meditation quietens the mind.

New Course System
Due to the ongoing corona restrictions, I will continue to offer classes online as well as in-person.

In-person registration via the Doodle Links on the link above (class booking site). 
Please contact me if you wish to join & don't have the password.

Online zoom registrations are found on my website homepage.
Please sign up for all classes you wish to attend.

Monday Online (Pelvic floor stability & body strength)
10:00 - 11:00am

26.10 - 07.12.2020
*This is a 6-week course - please book the whole course.
See Postnatal Information Box (anyone can join).

Tuesday Online (Soft Flow)
19:00 - 20:15pm

27.10 - 15.12.2020 (8 weeks)

Wednesday In-person & Online (Mixed Level Flow)
8:45 - 10:00am
Jardeco, Siebengebirgsblick 2e, 53343, Wachtberg

28.10 - 16.12.2020 (8 weeks)
* This class will run as long as possible in-person, depending on how cold it becomes. 

Thursday Online (Yin & Restorative)
19:00 - 20:15pm

29.10 - 17.12.2020 (8 weeks)

Friday In-Person & Online
9:00 - 10:15am (Soft Flow)
10:30am - 12:00pm (Dynamic Flow)
Praxis für Homöopathie & Geburtshilfe 
Bonner Talweg 215, 53129, Bonn

30.10 - 18.12.2020

I will go back to using the "card" system.
You can purchase 6 or 8 lessons, which are valid until 18th December.
You can use your "card" for any of the classes on offer (except the Monday course).

6 yoga sessions:
In-person - €104,40
Online - €69,60

8 yoga sessions:
In-person - €139,20
Online - €92,80

Combination packages:
Live-streaming and online yoga platform 
For details see Live-streaming page on my homepage

Cash drop-in fee (for not more than 4 classes):
€16,50 (present)
€12,50 (online)

Lesson recordings only available on request, and cost €5/lesson. 

9:00 - 10:30 - Yin-Vinyasa Flow (Good morning flow - open level class)
Juco, Am Helpert 36, 53177, Bonn/Muffendorf

19:45 - 21:15 - Yin-Vinyasa Flow 1 - 2 (Basic - Intermediate)
Zentrum für Homöopathie & Geburtshilfe, Bonner Talweg 215, Bonn - 53129

Course Dates:
08 January - 02 April 2019

19:30 - 21:00 Yin-Vinyasa Flow 1 (Basic - Intermediate)
Juco, Am Helpert 36, 53177, Bonn/Muffendorf

Course Dates:
10 January - 13 April 2019

9:00 - 10:10 Yin-Vinyasa Slow Flow practice
10:30 - 12:00 Yin-Vinyasa Flow 2 - 3 (Intermediate - Advanced)
Zentrum für Homöopathie & Geburtshilfe, Bonner Talweg 215, Bonn - 53129

Course Dates:
11 January - 14th April 2019

Price for cards
*Please note the inclusion of VAT
12er Card: € 162 + VAT = €193 (13,50 €/class + VAT)
10er Card: € 135 + VAT = €160 (13,50 €/class + VAT)
8er Card: € 120 + VAT = €143 (15,00 €/class + VAT)

(Cards only valid for the duration of the course dates offered above)

One class:
€ 16.50/class for 90 minute class
(This price includes a “Probestunde” for all classes)

* VAT (Value added tax) = MwSt (Mehrwertsteuer)

Private Lessons

Please see Yoga4You Page for details

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Integrative Yoga with Fiona

A specialised 6-week yoga program
focusing on back stability through:

  • understanding the very basics of back anatomy
  • conscious relaxation and why it is important
  • specific breathing practice to encourage full body breathing
  • learning specific movements that develop strength and stability
  • knowing you have the skills to help yourself

My aim in this integrative yoga practice is to support you in arriving in your body through your breath, empowering you to help yourself when symptoms arise. You will learn to meet yourself where you are, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Course dates: 11. Nov. - 16. Dec. 2020
Price: €140,00 * (in-person, limited to 5 people)
Time: 11:00 - 12:00 Uhr
Location: Praxis Dr. Valerie Arrowsmith, Rüngsdorfer Str. 2d.,
53173, Bonn Bad Godesberg

* Included in the course:
  • The option to attend the course in person or online, or a combination
  • Course notes

Download program details in English or German

Yoga Retreat Dombug with Fiona

Yogabee Retreat


Friday 3rd - Thursday 9th September 2021 (6 full days)

Taking time out from our daily routine and daily life is not a luxury, it is a necessity. It is vital to create space for inner reflection and rebalancing, re-entering family and work life feeling inspired and energized.

Listening to your Heart's Values

"You are part of the web of life, so you don't need to hold on so tightly. Ultimately, who you are is awareness itself." Jack Kornfield

Learning to follow the Heart's Values, means we need to create space to be with what is arising at any one moment. No matter how our lives are unfolding, or which stories we are living out, we always have choices. We are free to respond moment by moment.

On this retreat, we will take time to pause, soften and be still. 
You will be invited to be attentive: move with awareness, eat nourishing food, be taken care of, dive deep into yourself, reflect, recharge and refuell your energy stores. 

This process is a reset - we aim to be aware of old patterns of behaviour, and slowly create new ways of living in balance. Full immersion makes this possible, because we learn to feel what deep rest feels like in us, and embody this fully for a few days. Through embodiment we learn to know freedom within - creating inner spaciousness.
Knowing this freedom, gives us the chance to choose to live fully every day, by quietening the mind and listening to the heart.

Where our experience takes place:
Yogabee is a beautiful private house located in Domburg, Holland. 5 minutes walk from the beach, yet set back from the busy-ness of daily life. Whether you wish to stay quiet and close to the house, relax in the wonderful garden, swim in the indoor pool, unwind in the sauna, or hire a bike, ride along the dune paths near the sea, explore the villages....there is something for everyone.

x4 Double Rooms with ensuite bathroom - 1035€ (inclusive VAT)
x2 Double Rooms sharing bathroom - 1010€ (inclusive VAT)
x1 Small Double Room sharing bathroom - 1000€ (inclusive VAT)

Early bird offer before 31st March 2021:
Double room ensuite bathroom - 995,60€ (inclusive VAT)
Double room sharing bathroom - 960,50€ (inclusive VAT)
Small double room sharing bathroom - 950€ (inclusive VAT)

*VAT = MwSt 19%

What's included in this offer:
Wonderful Brunch and dinner, plus teas and snacks in between.
Yoga twice daily (meditation followed by vinyasa flow in the morning & Yin yoga in the early evening)
X2 evening meditation
Use of facilities: heated pool and sauna, garden.

Meals - Soul nourishment:
Served with his amazing passion, precision, and humour, Holy Basil will be with us again, to serve us simply delicious vegetarian meals.

Massage - Body-mind-heart nourishment:
Support your experience with a deeply relaxing and inspiring massage with Sylvie Bianchi.
Sylvie Bianchi is a global deep tissue massage therapist. The massage is one hour long plus time to rest and drink a cup of tea.
The massage includes a mixture of deep tissue strokes and gentle unifying ones.
The aim is to deeply relax both body & mind and bring you back to wholeness and a sense of wellbeing.

The cost is 70€ per session, 65€ for early-bird bookings.
A recommendation to pre-book, please contact Sylvie directly:

Please contact me for booking details or if you have any questions.

Yogabee Insight - click on images to enlarge

  •  Female sculpture inside the garden

    Female sculpture inside the garden

  •  Yogabee Retreat side view

    Yogabee Retreat side view

  •  The yoga room

    The yoga room

  •  Beautiful bath tab in one of the rooms

    Beautiful bath tab in one of the rooms

  •  Garden Shavasana

    Garden Shavasana

  •  Candle Mandala

    Candle Mandala

  •  Blue hour yoga

    Blue hour yoga

  •  Domburg beach

    Domburg beach

  •  Sunset Domburg beach

    Sunset Domburg beach


InSpired-Life Training Program

This 6-month training program offers you a reflective space and specific tools to meet yourself through an embodied yoga practice with:
love, clarity, openness, trust, purpose, & gratitude.

NEW courses @ Forum Wolfgarten

Yoga during Breast Cancer

These yoga programs have evolved through my personal experiences of working with women with breast cancer, women in different phases of their lives, and women whose aim it is to maintain good health.
Each person who comes to the yoga mat is different, not only in their illness but also in there body constitution, personality, mental and emotional state.
Each ones body will respond or react slightly differently, or occasionally very differently, to the same treatments being administered in the cancer recovery process.
This means that within the realms of a defined yoga program, there is still the possibility to adjust a sequence or poses depending on what the clients need.

Yoga mala
Men's Yoga

Men's Yoga Course

At present no course is running.
Please contact me for private lessons.

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Prenatal Yoga

A simple yoga practice for any stage of your pregnancy.
The focus lies on: a co-ordination of breath & movement, maintaining strength through standing poses, stability in the back, & more ease in body and mind. Learning to trust the intuitive body-mind-heart connection.

There is no prenatal course at present.
Please contact me if you wish to practice online with me, or have a private lesson.
My online platform contains suitable practices for pregnancy.


Storch und Co. Bonner Talweg 215, 53129

Tuesday evening 18:30 - 19:30 p.m.
January: 8, 15, 22, 29
February: 5, 12, 19, 26

To sign-up please contact me directly.

8-week course:
€123 (inclusive VAT/MwSt)
* It is possible to join the course at any time, paying from the day of entry.

One class:
€ 13.50/class for 60 minute class
(This price includes a “Probestunde” for all classes)

*If you still have a card from 2019, you can complete it.

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Postnatal Yoga

Pelvic floor stability

A practice designed to ease back into strength and stability of body and mind, through relaxation and co-ordinated yoga poses, with a focus on pelvic floor stability and core strength.
Let your baby get used to you practicing.

Postnatal Live-streaming Course:

Mondays from 10:00 - 11:00am
26.10.20 - 07.12.20 (6-week course)
No yoga 02.11.20

Cost: €11,60/class or €69,60/course
To register:

Storch und Co. Bonner Talweg 215, 53129

Monday morning 10:00 - 11:00 a.m.
January: 7, 14, 21, 28
February: 4, 11, 18, 25

To sign-up please contact me directly.

8-week course:
€123 (inclusive VAT/MwSt)
* It is possible to join the course at any time, paying from the day of entry.

One class:
€ 13.00/class for 60 minute class
(This price includes a “Probestunde” for all classes)

*If you still have a card from 2019, you can complete it.

Yoga for children
Yoga for Children

Little Yogis

Play yoga for children

Saturday-Specials for children and parents

Yoga-Zirkus-Abenteuer für Kinder (& Eltern)

New dates for 2020 to be announced in the new year.

Open "Details" for more information.

Yoga is a powerful, simple, fun tool to help children manage better in their daily lives, and feel well in their bodies and minds.
Using games, stories and interactive activities, the children learn concentration skills, effective breathing techniques to calm and balance, and appropriate yoga forms for their age.

Nell Lindsell (Founder of YogaBugs) explains that regular practice of yoga can reap these rewards for our children:
• Breathing exercises improve concentration and energy levels.
• Relaxation techniques clear the mind, allowing for better memory retention.
• Postures help recharge a weak immune system and strengthen the core, stabilizing muscles in the abdomen and back.
• Posture work also helps tone the body and reduce obesity, maintaining a child’s natural flexibility which can start to shut down from an early age.
• Yoga classes help develop creativity and self expression, and improve self-confidence through vocalization techniques and postures designed to release day-to-day anxieties.
• The practice of yoga improves co-ordination and balance, promotes healthy sleep patterns and allows children to explore their intuitive and spiritual side.

Plan-your-own child-parent lesson

For a private class for 5 - 6 children with a parent each, please contact Fiona.
You are welcome to arrange a few friends together with their children, and I can run an hours yoga lesson for you.

Regular Classes

No regular classes running at present

Private Lessons

€ 30/ 30 minutes

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Handmade Nurscheli Eyebags

Relaxation Eyebags

Beautifully handmade "Nurscheli" lavender-filled relaxation eyebags, for soothing the eyes, quietening the busy mind, & relaxing the body

Support our NGO "Lucky beans e.V."


Seva project

In Yoga, SEVA (Say-va) is a Sanskrit word for service - how can we serve others and give back to society. Through my yoga practice and teaching, I aim to give back to my childhood community in a small and meaningful way. Since I grew up in South Africa, this is where my heart lies in an attempt to empower young children in the Lidgetton community where it is often challenging to have hope and see the light. Our small Angel Ruth’s Soup Kitchen is a space where the children can go for a warm meal, as well as to a space where they know they are safe and cared for, can play freely and learn.

I offer a percentage of my teaching earnings back into this community, knowing that is is well used and goes directly to the source. To support the growing needs in the Lidgetton community, we set-up Lucky Beans e.V. in Germany in 2015. Through our charity status we are able to offer the possibility of EU citizens receiving a tax reclamation from any donation you may wish to make.

More details @

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