Are you curious about yoga, or you wish to deepen your self-practice?

Is your life-work balance, off-balance?

Are you experiencing health issues which you wish to address with yoga?
Do you feel emotionally challenged, unbalanced, tired, depressed?
Are you craving change but you don’t know how to implement it?

Whether you are prompted by a crisis or curiosity, this personalised opportunity offers a supportive, clear space where you can discover or deepen your yoga and self-inquiry process.

What are the advantages of creating and implementing a personalised practice with me?
You invest in creating a sustainable life-work balance, which is self-maintained.
We unravel together an invaluable integrative personal practice for you, starting where you are right now.

Envision yourself having a daily yoga practice that is much more than just a yoga practice.
It includes:

  • a movement practice which you personally learn to build on to, and adapt to your circumstances.
  • simple skills to quieten your mind, consciously choosing freedom and independence.
  • a healthy daily routine and rhythm, moulded together with me personally.

You are welcome to schedule a call with me to discuss a suitable program for you.

Starting from € 80/hour.

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