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One of my favorite childhood books was, and still is, Winnie the Pooh by A.A. Milne. Here is an extract where Pooh Bear is singing a song to his best friend Piglet, who is a very small shy pig....

"Animal so shy and small, dreaming you were bold and tall.

You hesitate, all sensitive, waiting for a chance to live.

Time is swift, it races by, opportunities are born and die.

Still you wait and will not try, a bird with wings who dares not rise and fly.

But that You you want to see, is not you, and will never be.

No one else will ever do, the special things that wait inside of you.

You can be a guiding star, if you make the most of Who you Are.

And the sensitivity that you're now ashamed to see, can be developed even more.

So you can find the hidden doors, to places no one's been before.

And the pride you'll feel inside, is not the kind that makes you fall.

It's the kind that recognizes, the bigness found in being small."

Here's to the unfolding into 2021 together... Join me on the yoga mat, committing to your unfolding life, just as it is, fully embodied in your body, just as it is. There is a quiet perfection in landing in ourselves in pure acceptance and love for the Self, also when there are challenges and imperfections to be met.

Thursday March 4th, 2021

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Seva project

In Yoga, SEVA (Say-va) is a Sanskrit word for service - how can we serve others and give back to society. Through my yoga practice and teaching, I aim to give back to my childhood community in a small and meaningful way. Since I grew up in South Africa, this is where my heart lies in an attempt to empower young children in the Lidgetton community where it is often challenging to have hope and see the light. Our small Angel Ruth’s Soup Kitchen is a space where the children can go for a warm meal, as well as to a space where they know they are safe and cared for, can play freely and learn.

I offer a percentage of my teaching earnings back into this community, knowing that is is well used and goes directly to the source. To support the growing needs in the Lidgetton community, we set-up Lucky Beans e.V. in Germany in 2015. Through our charity status we are able to offer the possibility of EU citizens receiving a tax reclamation from any donation you may wish to make.

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