March/April 2020

Dear Yogis and Friends,

As the seasons start to turn and we feel a hint of stronger warmth from the sun on our bodies, the Spring flowers emerging from the forest floor, or in the garden, and listening to the birds greeting the day already at 5:30am, I realise, with relief and gratitude how remarkable nature is in always returning with such power.

How can we best “profit” from the silent gifts of nature?
For this insight, I would like to share some words from Peter Wohlleben….
  • Baltic Sea
  • Yoga at the Baltic Sea
  • Usedom

May/June 2019

At last the feeling of Spring creeps in and welcomes this inner warmth, and with it a deep exhale, a sigh, as if we are, like the plants, waking up from a deep sleep. Even if there are cold spells interspersed within the new-arising warmth, we know the warm long days are close now.
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