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October/November 2019

My tips for the Autumn
Boost your Body:
Amla fruit (Indian Gooseberry) - it has the highest anti-oxidant content of any fruit, and the second highest concentration of vitamin C...

Broccoli Sprouts - they have the highest concentration of Sulphorophane and much more….

Drink fresh lemon, ginger & turmeric in the morning - a simultaneous cleanser & immune booster.

Stay physically fit: Find a yoga sequence/practice that you can commit to for one month or 21 days.
Or choose one flow practice for the morning and one yin practice for the evening, and do one of them daily depending on which time of the day you wish to practice.
On my online platform you can find a variety of practices that you can easily follow at home:

Active Rest and Deep Breathing:
We need good quality rest and good quality sleep. Sleep deprivation suppresses the immune system - while you are sleeping your body produces hormones that fight infections, eg melatonin.
Practice 10 minutes of deep breathing on the strip or yin yoga before bed, to bring the body into an active rest state before sleeping. You will sleep better and your mind will be quieter.
Practice a dynamic breathing practice first thing in the morning to energise the body-mind connection, eg Kapalabhati or Wim Hof breathing.

Stay connected to what serves you well.
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