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InSpire May/June 2018

Breeding Wakefulness in the Inner Space - a journey through the chakras this summer

Spring and Summer bring a natural warmth and lightness to the body and mind, with increased energy as we savor the longer warmer days. Can we enhance this feeling with our yoga practice to arrive attentively in a state of happiness more often?
Happiness is a quality of being not of doing. How do we arrive at this “beingness”?
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InSpire March/April 2018

Wellness through Awareness

Feeling well is available to all of us all the time whenever we are ready to embrace it.
So how? Let’s explore what Toni Packer shares with us...

Awareness cannot be taught, and when it is present it has no context. All contexts are created by thought and are therefore corruptible by thought. Awareness simply throws light on what is, without any separation whatsoever.
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InSpire January/February 2018

Resting in stillness and silence - is yoga more impressive when it looks impressive to the outside world? how does your practice feel in you?

Usually with the new year comes new resolutions. What does this mean for you?
If you have chosen to follow through with a resolution, is there sincerity in your reasoning? Can you stay committed to sincerity? If you have no resolution, what about committing to inner stillness sincerely?
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InSpire - October/November 2017

The Grateful Flow

What do we do with so called “negative” emotions that rise up in us at any moment in our day, or even at night?
Can we step back, take a deep breath, pause and soften to small “things”, moments and/or people we can be grateful for?
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InSpire August/September 2017

I am a fan of Brian Johnson’s Philosopher’s Notes (, and recently he wrote about “celebratory love”, a term coined by Barbara Frederickson, who refers to celebratory love as “gratitudes generous cousin”.

In my InSpire for the next 6 weeks, let's find out more about this fabulous term and how we can integrate it as a habit into our lives, if it is not already there, or enhance its use, if it is there…
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InSpire May/June 2017

Spring is all around us! The colors of the leaves on the trees are illuminous, the spring bulbs are radiant in their colour diversity, warmth is creeping into the sunshine, the birds are singing their songs loudly from early in the morning, and there is a softness and lightness that starts to show itself on people's faces and in their manner of being, as well as a sense of relief of moving into the warmer months. Mother Nature is so profound in her ability to return renewed each spring, with power, beauty and lightness, as if immediately forgiving the harsh winter. Then there are those days when the cold and wet returns, and it is harder to stay light.
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InSpire March/April 2017

The Magic in the Ordinary

“Impermanent are all component things,
They arise and cease, that is their nature:
They come into being and pass away,
Release from them is bliss supreme.”
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InSpire January/February 2017

As we welcome in the new year, I would like to invite you to practice a Shamata mindfulness practice, not just in the space of the formal yoga class, but also at home.
Be inspired by the teachings of Alan Wallace…

Mindfulness of breathing involves letting the breath flow in and out with as little interference as possible. We have to start by assuming the body knows how to breathe better than the mind does. Trust your body.
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InSpire November/December 2016

"The Family Dharma Path"

I wanted to address this theme as the year slowly draws to a close. There is such a strong focus on family as we near Christmas and the closure of the year, whether it be your immediate family, and/or extended family. How can we stay in a kind, loving space with ourselves and others?
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