June/July 2020

Dear Yogis and Friends,

The desire to write lessened enormously during the Corona lockdown period. It felt more like a phase of “survival”, rather than space for deep, calm creativity. However, there were also many magical moments in between where we immersed ourselves in our garden, and set up an urban vegetable garden…we are enjoying the fruits of our work right now.

March/April 2020

Dear Yogis and Friends,

As the seasons start to turn and we feel a hint of stronger warmth from the sun on our bodies, the Spring flowers emerging from the forest floor, or in the garden, and listening to the birds greeting the day already at 5:30am, I realise, with relief and gratitude how remarkable nature is in always returning with such power.

How can we best “profit” from the silent gifts of nature?
For this insight, I would like to share some words from Peter Wohlleben….

January/February 2020

Dear Yogis and Friends,

I started writing my InSpire in 2014 and decided to return to my writing from that time, out of curiosity as to what was inspiring me then, as opposed to now. Actually nothing has changed really!
So, I would like to re-offer some of my writings from that time with new insights added along the way....

Since new-years-resolutions are mostly “bogus”(not genuine or true) and leave us with an expectation that consumes us and often results in failure, I decided to focus on what will offer me inspiration for the year ahead.
  • Autumn
  • Autumn
  • Autumn leaves

October/November 2019

Dear Yogis and Friends,

Autumn is creeping in, and with it a need to boost our bodies, calm our minds and feel energised despite the darker colder weather.
And how? With yoga, of course! Yoga is a vital tool in the tool box to support us, however, not the only one.
This is an important time of the year to take a closer look at your diet and lifestyle - do you need to make some changes?
  • Baltic Sea
  • Yoga at the Baltic Sea
  • Usedom

September 2019

As the summer arrived and I was able to reduce my teaching schedule, I observed how my conditioning to being busy slowly unraveled and left me more space for breathing into spaciousness without always directly filling each moment with the next thing to do.
At first I was somehow more restless, with an “overfilled” mind, and then slowly as I let go the need to resist this restlessness, I started to realize once again how extremely valuable these extended moments of spaciousness are. Not only for my own personal reflection and development, but also for observing what can then be allowed to come into my life to re-inspire me. I gave more time for spaciousness in my physical body and then the mind slowly quietened.
  • Baltic Sea
  • Yoga at the Baltic Sea
  • Usedom

May/June 2019

At last the feeling of Spring creeps in and welcomes this inner warmth, and with it a deep exhale, a sigh, as if we are, like the plants, waking up from a deep sleep. Even if there are cold spells interspersed within the new-arising warmth, we know the warm long days are close now.
  • Snow Yoga with the red gloves
  • Sunset in the mountains
  • Snow Asanas

March/April 2019

Mindful Manifestation

“Let your life lightly dance on the edges of Time like dew on the tip of a leaf.” Ravindranath Tagore

In my last InSpire, we focused on how to understand the nervous system, and “weed the garden” of our thoughts and actions to invite more positive feelings into our daily lives.
The idea is easy to imagine when we are feeling relaxed and well, and less simple to apply when we are feeling emotionally down, or are stuck in a challenging situation.
So, how to find our way even in “stuck” moments?

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January/February 2019

Gardening for Brain-Body Balance

“Ultimately, happiness comes down to choosing between the discomfort of becoming aware of your mental afflictions and the discomfort of being ruled by them.” Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche

As described by Rick Hanson and Richard Mendius in their book Buddha’s Brain:
Suffering is not abstract or conceptual. It’s embodied: you feel it in your body, and it proceeds through bodily mechanisms. Understanding the physical machinery of suffering helps us see it increasingly as an impersonal condition - unpleasant to be sure, but not worth getting upset about, which just brings more suffering and reinforcement of old negative patterns of behavior.
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InSpire October/November 2018

There is only Now...
Have you ever become trapped reliving past mistakes....over and over like a video player, stuck on endless replay?
Do you spend time and energy worrying about the future?
Do you spend more time thinking about the things you can’t control rather than the things you can control about the areas where your efforts matter?
Do you ever find yourself busy trying to prepare mentally for the next meeting, or the next assignment, or the next chapter in your life, rather than being fully present in the current one?
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InSpire August/September 2018

As I savor the rest of the warm summer evenings, I notice, in the quietness of where we live, I am able to tune into Listening. Really listening. First to sounds around me, letting my body become still, my ears and jaw soft, my eyes quiet, slowly turning my attention inwards like a witness, just observing myself listening. Then there is the breath - resting on the wonder and simplicity of the breath.
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