Self-Centered | Monthly InSpirations by Fiona

InSpire - August/September 2014

As the summer draws to a close, I prefer to keep my InSpire very simple.
Whether you have had quiet summer days, or intense experiences, the change of seasons is always a remarkable time to simplify and quieten. Simplify our actions and output, and quieten our “inner life”. I found a wonderfully inspiring paragraph from Sarah Powers which I would like to share…

“The desire to be happy is natural and universal. Yet happiness based merely on stimulus can never offer lasting joy, since when you remove the stimulus you extinguish the happiness. Look to the more reliable realm of true well being which is to be found in being aware of simply quiet presence where we pause from all our wants and needs, our likes and dislikes, and simply listen to the space of the mind. It may sound like the murmur of the sea from under water or like the wind whooshing on a mountain top. You are listening to your intrinsic quality of openness, which is as vast as a spacious sky, and is naturally infused with the nature of love. Simply bask in this uncluttered inner landscape for 6 minutes, breathing slow and deep. Can you feel it? Imagine you can….”
Sarah Powers -Dharma Drops - blog (20 June 2014)

What are we practicing on and off our mat for the next 6 weeks?

Let us use our practice on and off the mat to journey from Self-Centered to Heart-Centered…restoring balance, re-energising and feeling grounded, with an open heart.
This month we will embark on a few simple mandala flows to free the mind and open the heart.
Keep your mind focused - remember them and practice them.

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