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InSpire - September/October 2015

Recently I went to see the exhibition of Karl Lagerfeld, as well as watching a documentary about his life. I am not particularly watching fashion trends, and I am not particularly interested in him.
However, a friend highly recommended I go and see his work.
For an amateur as myself in understanding the fashion world, it was amazing and inspiring to see this creative genius unfold art works created around the woman-form.
What impressed me so deeply was his pure dedication to his art and to his creativity.
He mentioned that he throws 90% of his drawings away….90%!
He said he dislikes games, but he is playing all the time - life is like a game.
He mentioned that he does not keep any of his drawings - it is only others that like to archive his work. When he has drawn something and it has come to creation, it is over for him. Then he moves on…

What can we draw from his inspiration?
Each of us something different, I am sure.
I will share my insights - practice, practice, practice, and have fun while you do it.
Don’t worry about making mistakes - they are our greatest teachers.
Don’t just practice to practice, but practice to improve and perfect, while you are having fun doing it. Then let it all go. No clinging to any one pose, a state of being or awareness.
Be observant of yourself, and attentive to yourself.
Concentrate. Breathe deeply. Take care of your body.
Be honest with yourself and others.

What are we practicing on and off the yoga mat?
Use the above inspiration to commit to the yoga practice daily, even if it is just in small amounts.
The change of seasons work in us - we are not exempt from some kind of transformation happening as winter draws in and around us.
Let the Yin Yoga practice be one that enlivens the liver and gall bladder meridians, as well as energising the kidneys.
Dive into the practice, then let it all go, returning to the moment as it is.