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InSpire - October/November 2014

Over the past 2 months we focused on moving from Self-Centered to Heart-Centered, on and off the mat, embracing the process of developing genuine compassion.

In order to stabilise authentic compassion, we need to have a stable base, with an abundance of vitality stored in our centre, the Hara, just below the navel.
Through our yoga practice we can rejuvenate our energy resources in the abdomen, so as to allow the awareness to drop from being thinking-centered in the head, to being rooted in the belly. Our behaviour and responses can then arise from our true being, rather than from compulsive reactivity. This makes feelings of compassion that arise from a grounded heart center, more spontaneous and true, to ourselves and others.

This “earth centre” within us, is where our “inborn sense of basic trust and connectedness dwells. Shifting our centre of gravity down, and breathing from here, allows us to participate in the great breath of life, restoring us to the ground - the rooted being.” Sarah Powers.

As a part of this vital process to be and stay grounded, we will embrace strong standing poses, as well as balancing with an awareness of our Hara. No matter in which direction we are balancing, the center stays the same.

What are we practicing on and off our mat for the next 6 weeks?

Pranayama: Kapalabhati (see January 2014 for details on how to perform this pranayama practice).
We use this breathing practice to empower the belly and clear our the head/mind.

Hara awareness: Allow there to be softening around the abdomen, especially in moments of difficulty and challenges. Breathe softly into the Hara - keep returning to this….