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InSpire - June/July 2014

Our sequencing for this month is focusing primarily on twisting, and stability from the earth up.
Twists have an amazingly deep penetrating quality in their action on the body - stimulating and toning the internal organs, especially the kidneys and liver. Twists also create suppleness and a sense of freedom and length in the spines soft tissues. When the spines natural range of motion is restored, one notices that opening in the chest, shoulders, neck and hips follows.
There is also the wonderful connection between twisting and literally unwinding emotional and physical tension stored in the body. When tension is released, one notices that the body mind returns to a calmer more sattvic state; the effect of doing twists can be both cooling and warming, depending on their placement in a sequence and way of being practiced.

Creating stability from the earth up with standing poses, we learn to create a “powerfully grounding physical foundation” not only for our asana practice, but for our lives.
“Standing on their feet, students begin to experience how a stable foundation creates support up through their legs, pelvis, spine, arms, and head. They also discover that a stable foundation is resilient, beginning with the activation of pada bandha in the feet. Blending sthira (steadiness) and sukham (ease) in the standing asanas, students begin to find samasthihi (equal standing), which invokes an attitude and awareness of equanimity as they feel the connection of body, breath, mind, and spirit. In deepening this sense of equanimity, students develop an embodied awareness of how the lightness of being depends on being grounded, allowing them to move about in their yoga practice and daily life with greater ease and joy.” (Yoga Sequencing, Mark Stephens)

What are we observing and practicing on and off our mat this month?
Observe which standing poses and twists work deeply for you, or are challenging - incorporate them into your practice. Even if it is only one of each. Embrace the challenging poses with sthira and sukham, focus and discipline.
What are you doing with your breath in your practice and in your daily life? Observe yourself - slow the breath down, and deepen it. Find a breathing practice that you can befriend, and do it daily.