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InSpire - July/August 2015

What happened to the month of June?! Somehow this month passed by too quickly to be consciously noted in my InSpire. However, I am sure you can reflect on more than one inspiring moment in the month of June for which you can be grateful for. Do this…it is a healthy heart chakra exercise.

Summer has fully arrived in Germany, and what a relief to be warm from morning ’till evening, and even while we sleep. I feel at home! This kind of weather also brings with it a need to stay calmer during the hottest time of the day. Are you able to retreat and withdraw, pause and soften, even if just for 10 to 15 minutes during the day?

Let us use these incredibly softening moments to realise fully the blessings we have in our lives.
If you are taking a summer holiday (or even if you are not), do this too - make this part of your yoga practice - pause and soften and reflect. “What am I thankful for today?”

As the musician Paul Simon once said, “Ich habe heute nichts zu tun - außer fröhlich zu sein”.
I found this quote in German, however I presume he said it in english! „I have nothing else to do today, other than to be happy.“
Embody happiness is small moments.

What are we practicing on and off the yoga mat?

This weather resembles being in India (so I am told - India has, for whatever reason, not materialised onto my list of places to go yet, only Jürgen’s, hence the wonderful photo he took in Mumbai). So, let us profit from this intense warmth, and dive into practices where we can experience our potential with flexible joints and warm muscles.
Your yin practice may be easier and the flow more fluid. The limits or edges that we are constantly working with, may reach a new level, inviting us to deepen the awareness process of our Self and our true potential.

Practice outside. Be barefoot. Breathe fully and deeply.