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InSpire - December 2014/January 2015

How would you like to bring closure to your year? What will be your memories of 2014? What will you take with you into the new year? Or would you rather simply sit and honour your impermanence?!

In times where there seems to be, on the one hand, so much overflow and excess of everything around us, and on the other hand so much suffering and the feeling of “not having enough” to make many lives run well and calmly, how can we embrace what is and Be? How can we find pleasure in small things? How can we be balanced and free in our hearts and minds?

Practice. Practice. Practice.

This month we will rock a little - breathe strongly and powerfully, flow on the mat like it does not matter, and return to this clear pool in our Hara where we truly get a sense of what is important.
Let’s play and have fun….

What will we be practicing on and off the mat?

Light many candles - bring light into the world. Light and Love have the same vibration.
Find a tune you love, roll out your mat, and start to flow.

Lokha Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu…..